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Being a published author myself, I have been hesitant to hire a content writer for years, constantly frustrated with a lack of detail to my voice and vision. West and his team vigorously interviewed my staff, getting every detail they needed on our program and our tone. After reading my entire book, and putting together the information, AR not only found my voice, they became my voice. I trust AR implicitly to communicate on my behalf.

Having both a primary mental health facility and a traditional substance use disorder facility, our content needs are specific. Couple that with being a luxury facility, and finding a competent writing team is nearly impossible. After touring us and meeting our staff in person, the AR team takes time to thoroughly research complex clinical topics and writes about them with practically academic authority. I frequently receive compliments on the Avalon Malibu blog for its professionalism, as well as its compassionate tone. This content goes above and beyond the call of duty every single month and I couldn’t recommend them more.

Having known West personally, I was not surprised by the passion, professionalism, and quality which comes with AR’s content. Their team has demonstrated a unique ability to communicate clinical information, as well as the intimacies of personal recovery. They work extremely hard and will do whatever it takes to write the kind of content which exemplifies exactly what your program’s priorities are.

I’ve worked with Addiction Recovery as a CEO or Executive Director at 4 different facilities across the country and I’m continually impressed by their ability to understand each distinct tone in addition to how they can communicate our specific beliefs throughout all of our content. The whole of one of my teams also grew to love them when they flew out to visit us for our 7-hour on-campus discovery meeting and experiential tour.

With so many entities and locations under the Cumberland Heights name and over 50 years of history, we had to create a custom system for distributing content. After a tour, early collaboration, and feedback about our specific requests, the Addiction Recovery team truly fulfilled our high volume content needs. This team works hard to understand the nuances of every detail and message of a brand, creates its voice, and provides helpful resources as well as honest conversations online. They care tremendously and truly want to help both our readers and our non-profit organization succeed.

Wilderness therapy is a special experience that stands out from traditional behavioral healthcare. West and his team truly captured the distinct nuances of healing in nature and created resources to inform all of our target audiences. We have always been impressed by AR’s timeliness, professionalism, and quality of content. We knew we made a good choice when they came out to Utah to spend time in the field, as well as visit our corporate office. They are great communicators and have become great friends as well. Highly recommended.

blog content

What if a blog had the power to redirect the course of someone’s life?

We believe in the power of conversation. Each blog is your opportunity to speak directly to your audience: the people who are in desperate need of your authority, your compassion, and your commitment to their recovery.

These 900-word articles are crafted with care, but only after we visit your facility & spend a day with your team.

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alumni content

How do you engage Alumni?

Alumni content is designed to keep up with your grads so they can keep up their commitment to lifelong recovery. Engage your largest referral source with monthly content designed to support them as they learn to support themselves.

When the rubber meets the road, you’re there to meet Alumni with content that supports their journey after treatment.

help alumni

q&a content


They’ve got questions. Always be the answer with a growing content library that builds trust, brand authority, and readership loyalty.

From the obvious questions to the intimate questions, anticipate the answers your readers need and be their guiding light in times of confusion.

No question left unanswered. No reader in need left behind. We don’t have to put ourselves in their shoes. We’ve walked their walk. Now we give them the talk to get them through.

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cornerstone content


With 2,500 words to work with, there are endless possibilities. Cover a diverse range of topics in-depth, providing ample information, inspiring conversation, and empowering guidance.

Cornerstone content typically drives 3x as much traffic as traditional long-form blogs and 2x as many backlinks and social shares.

Express your expertise through diverse subtopics on one page, providing a variety of explanation, opportunities for creative narrative, and a priceless resource for those seeking help.

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content distribution


10x your content’s exposure by distributing and syndicating it throughout the internet’s best websites.

We work with 1,000s of online publications and find the right place to share your content, with the ideal audience, at the correct time.

Drive more traffic to your site, gain quality back-links, gain authority online, and help more people.

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we're more than just a writing team

We don’t hire writers, we hire unicorns, the needles in the haystack where passion meets purpose meets raw talent. Mission-driven and life-experience inspired, our writers know they’re doing more than just writing content.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working for Addiction Recovery for nearly 8 years. In that time, I have gotten to know so many wonderful people who do incredible and inspiring work every day. My goal is to help everyone in our organization be the best they can be by giving them the tools they need to deliver outstanding content to our clients. When I’m not glued to the 57 tabs I have open across 4 different browser windows, you might find me at Dodger Stadium or exploring the streets of Los Angeles in search of the best tacos.

-Master of the Universe

It’s taken me 16 years of sobriety, 37 years of living, 2 Master’s degrees, and a variety of positions held in various treatment facilities, including one I built on my own, to find my true purpose and a place to call home. Addiction Recovery (AR as we call it) is that home. Home to so many wonderful and talented writers, people who are pure of heart and dedicated to helping others, and truly making a difference. We write to get those in need of information, that precious and life-saving content. It’s a blessing to be a part of this amazing team, and I/we will be honored to have you join us.

-Director of Content Operations

My journey to recovery was challenging and painful. However, it’s brought me inner peace and a renewed outlook on life. We can’t be what we need to be by remaining what we are. Our team gives both heart and soul to arm people with empowering information that inspires resolve to make life-changing decisions. 

-Outrageous Outreach

I bring 7 years of experience working in the behavioral health space before joining Addiction Recovery. I have a passion for helping those who suffer find the light. I have done extensive work to overcome my own battles over the years, and am constantly looking for ways to grow spiritually and professionally. It is my goal to help those seeking help find the quality resources they deserve, and ensure they are not misinformed along the way. I feel blessed to surround myself with a team that exhibits passion, integrity, and authenticity at every level.


Rosser Tolan is 35 years old and originally from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Rosser came to California for treatment in 2014 and currently lives in Mentone, CA with his wife Kara, and his four children. Rosser brings nearly 10 years of experience in the behavioral health space to bear much like Odysseus of old. Having worked his way up from house manager to Business Development for nationwide healthcare conglomerates. To quote the big book of AA and Henry Ford simultaneously “… experience is the thing of supreme value in life. That is true only if one is willing to turn the past to good account. We grow by our willingness to face and rectify errors and convert them into assets. Joining the team at Addiction Recovery feels like finding the source of the Nile, in that great writing can carry life-saving messages farther than our minds and hearts can fathom. In his free time Rosser enjoys camping, swimming, cooking, and off-roading.


My whole life I always wanted to help people and to show that living is so beautiful in every way no matter what you are going through.  I started my journey by traveling to different countries to show grace and love to multiple rehabilitation and orphanage organizations around the world. I found my passion and wanted to continue my outreach even more. Being able to provide quality client care and content through Addiction Recovery has provided me with the tools I needed to not only save lives but ensure resources are provided with passion and hope. It’s truly a blessing to help educate and create growth within an industry for those seeking help.


I’ve been working with the marketing and content creation space for about 9 years and I feel truly honored to be working at AR. I know what it’s like to be lost and searching. I feel grateful to work alongside the amazing team at AR providing hope and help to those in recovery. I live in Utah with my partner and two dogs and you’ll most likely find me spending my time with family and friends at concerts, traveling, or hanging out in my backyard.

-Client Success Wizard

Growing up, I watched many of my family members struggle with addiction. When I found recovery from addiction myself at 18 years old, it sparked a passion in me to let others know there is another way to live. The pain of addiction doesn’t have to be anybody’s story; recovery is possible and showing others that through content is one of the greatest gifts.

-Editing Lead

My name is Jeff Edwards, and I am the Lead Writer for Addiction Recovery. I am an accomplished writer and editor who enjoys using my skills with a company that values opportunity, integrity, and teamwork. I graduated from Antioch University, Los Angeles, in 2012 with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. In my free time, I enjoy writing fiction, playing music, and hanging out with my family.

Jeff E
-Writing Lead

As a writer and editor in a variety of settings, I have never felt as at home as I do at AR. Working with a team that has diverse connections to addiction and mental health struggles and understands the complexities of recovery allows each of us to focus on the crucial aspects of the content we create and be a part of a process that provides hope and positive change to countless individuals.

Jeff S
-Quality Control Lead

I’ve had many writing jobs throughout my life, but after experiencing severe anxiety and growing up in a home with multiple family members struggling with addiction I realized my writing skills would be better suited to helping those in similar circumstances. If my position at Addiction Recovery can help even one person reading what I’ve written I’ll feel successful and fulfilled in my career. Breaking down the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health is key to ensuring every person gets the treatment they need.


Anyone can get help. Anyone can recover. However, you have to want it for yourself. Once you envision your own success for your own reason, you’ve taken a huge step. You just made your own choice, despite whatever addiction or any other factors you may face, and you did it for yourself. You just took the first step to controlling your own future. Now roll with it.

-Content Writer

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